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At Arctic Business we’re proud to have built over 150 tech startups with offices on every continent and we continuously host innovators from every corner of the globe. Together with our partners, Arctic Business offers the perfect environment for ideators, creatives and entrepreneurs.

Here’s what you get

We support you every step of the way. From validating your idea to providing strategic insight, funding your business, creating your leading team and offering full access to our global network.

Start your company at one of the Science Parks in Luleå, Piteå or Skellefteå and get access to competence and partners.


Our team of business leaders, industry experts and advisors help you launch your idea and turn it into a profitable business.


Upon joining our incubator program, you’ll receive immediate funding from our angel investment company Arctic Ventures and our support to attract more funding.


Build your high-performing team through our extensive network, hire staff and recruit the most impactful board members.

A consistent track-record of building successful companies since 2005.


With over 150 startups, from smart grid to cutting edge space technology, we’re proud to have solved global challenges alongside the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs.


We’ve employed over 350 highly skilled professionals both within our existing business hub and across various industries and geographies.


We’ve taken a thousand ideas and turned them into profitable businesses. The current value of these companies combined exceeds 2 billion SEK.

Do you want to solve important challenges, join a company that does or invest in those who do? We offer dedicated programs designed to enhance your idea or business, amplify your career ambitions, or achieve your investment goals.

Welcome to northern Sweden, one of the world’s leading hubs for innovation and technology with the internationally acclaimed Luleå University of Technology, dedicated science parks and multi-city campuses.

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Tell us about your idea, business or interest in joining a startup or influential board. Invest in yourself, your company or project and let’s make it extraordinary.

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