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Want to know more, join us the 9th of May in the office from 15h-17.30 or Webinar between kl 17-18.30 the same day -

In our Incubator will help you grow your business into a successful, innovative and exporting one.

You are welcome to apply but we prefer to get to know you early on in our Accelerator phase. Here you can polish and improve your idea in order to be more prepared for the next step.

Through the Incubator you and your team will get personal advice from our experienced business advisors during up to 2 years time. Based on your needs we help you with: 

  • Funding – Support and help regarding fundings such as VC, bank, other loans or contribution.

  • Sales – Price and business model, negotiation and market analysis, we help with everything.

  • Team and network – Together we will build a strong and effective team around you, both personnel, managers and board members.

  • IPR – We will help you understand how you can protect your idea and how to conduct yourself with regards to laws and regulations, as well as any patents and licenses.

  • Marketing – If they can't find you, you don't exist. Together we create effective marketing in various channels.

  • Office and equipment – We have a number of cost-effective offices in the locations where we operate, with access to 3D-printers, maker-space, modern environments with good meeting places etc.

You don't have to move to our office, but you're always welcome to use our space when you feel the need. We can work with you wherever you are.

Who's admitted to our Incubator?

We evaluate all applicants and businesses according to following parameters:

  • Knowledge and innovation – new and innovative idea, can be new technology, a new business model or something else.

  • Business model – clear export potential, direct or in the near future. Will turn over > 10 MSEK within a few years.

  • Fundings – have a plan and the ability to attract the fundings needed.

  • Team – at least 2 people, dedicated to the business and with the right competences to take the business to next level.

  • IPR – Clarified IPR situation, freedom to act and perhaps even protect.

  • Business – Limited company based in Skellefteå or further north (maximum 5 years old or started directly upon admission).

  • Presentation of idea – present you and your idea in a good way.

  • References – from previous co-workers or managers.

We, like you, is a small hardworking team with limited resources which means that we can't accept all ideas and teams that we would like to. Our overall assessment is therefor based on who have the best potential according to the parameters described above.

Investment from Arctic Ventures!

Starting from 2018: 1 admission, all who are admitted and starting our incubator will receive an investment from a business angle company called Arctic Ventures Ett AB in the form of a convertible loan of SEK 300,000.

When you apply and get accepted, you will be qualified to receive this funding. 

You find more information about Arctic Ventures and its business angles at the web here. During the first year you will get to meet the angels at a number of times, all of them experienced entrepreneurs, with a lot of knowledge to share. 

If you have more questions about the technicalities and what a convertible loan is, just let us know and we will gladly explain the details.

How do I apply?

First we would like to receive some things from you; 
(i) a short and straightforward business plan, (ii) a presentation, (iii) a financial plan or budget (present in detail what the 300 00o investment from Arctic Ventures will be used for) and last (iv) 1-2 personal references.

The material can be in either Swedish or English. 

Once we have received your application, we look it through and will meet those with matching criteria. You'll then get the chance to present your idea and we will ask you a number of questions. After this step we will decide who will get admitted to the Incubator.

Please take a look at the business plan and presentation examples listed below. (Both in English and Swedish) 

Send your application to (business plan, references etc.). Admission dates, see below.

2019:1 Cohort

20/5 2400h CET – Material deadline.

27-28/5 – Presentations by selected teams for admission (in Luleå, Piteå, Kiruna och Skellefteå, agreed separately).

17/6 9-12h – Startup meeting with admitted businesses (in Luleå, Piteå, Kiruna och Skellefteå, agreed separately).

2019:2 Cohort

18/11 2400h CET – Material deadline.

25-26/11 – Presentations by selected teams for admission (in Luleå, Piteå, Kiruna och Skellefteå, agreed separately).

6/12 9-12h – Startup meeting with admitted businesses (in Luleå, Piteå, Kiruna och Skellefteå, agreed separately).

What does it cost and how does it work?

Arctic Business Incubator have a fee in the form of an annual royalty of SEK 75,000. When you leave the our Incubator, after i.e. two years, you will have SEK 150,000 (2x SEK 75,000) in royalties. You will have five years to pay back. If you are not able to pay back within five years, it is written off. 

This and information about our facilities, confidentiality against other companies etc. is governed by the membership agreement we sign between Arctic Business Incubator and your company.

"Nice to have-templates"

Here you can download business plan and pitch-template. This is not required, just some examples. (English and Swedish versions)


Questions? Please contact any of us!