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COMPANY: CyberSecurity    I     LOCATION: Luleå    I     Application Deadline: May 30, 2018

Who are we?

We want to build a simple, plug & play enterprise-grade Internet security solutionfor private persons, families and small businesses. Our idea and goal is to make the internet a safer place for everyone. 

What’s special?

The current offerings in the market are expensive. They are not as advanced as the enterprise solutions. They are designed for people with some technical knowledge.

This situation causes many people to use free solutions that may compromise their privacy. Some people decide not to use anything at all.

We see internet security and digital privacy as a human right and not a privilege. Anyone with an internet connection will be able to use our solution. No need for technical knowledge. A wide spread of our solution will contribute to the entire state of the digital playground, by for example preventing malware outbreaks and ddos attacks.

Our visionis to make the internet a safer place for everyone.

What's the deal?

Today we are a small but a passionate team of 2 people who are working hard to turn our vision into a reality. We have experience with turning ideas into startups and are looking for a developer to become a part of our team.

Within 50 days we need to plan and start the core development of the prototype. And that’s where you step in. You will become a core team member and a part owner of the future company. You will also develop the first prototype and have the possibility to lead the entire process in the future.

Skills & Requirements

So you are most likely;

  • Familiar or experienced with Raspberry Pi or similar dev hardware (Orange pi).
  • Familiar with linux distributions - Ubuntu, Debian, raspbian
  • Java
  • Have Knowledge or capability to quickly learn mobile app development languages (iOS and Android)

And any of these skills will be appreciated

  • Amazon Web Services or google apps engine (IOT)
  • Comfortable with TCP/IP.
  • Familiar with security solutions (antivirus, firewall, ids/ips, web proxy).
  • Python
  • C language
  • Database technology- ZODB or mysql

About the company

Albert is the head of IT-security for the Swedish Customs, he has a lot of experience working with different technologies and many large international organizations.

Niris an entrepreneur, known for his leadership skills. Was featured on the national morning talk show regarding his entrepreneurial journey and shared some of his knowledge at a TEDx event.

Albert- “As a well experienced expert in the Cyber security industry I see that there is a large gap. The biggest problem is that people are not aware enough. Hearing about a big hack isn't enough to understand what actually happened and learn from that mistake.

Large organization have thousands of sophisticated security solutions available. The solutions are usually expensive and require some level of expertise to operate, which most of the people don’t have. Everyone who has access to technology and internet deserve good protection without being an expert!

Our future company's goal is to develop a solution that will be suitable for everyone, easy to use and affordable. Our motto is “Cyber Security for Humans”.

Come, join us and be part of the new movement.

Does this description fit you? We would love to have a coffee with you!Please contact

DeveloperLeila Ashrafi