Lead Programmer- Embedded systems

COMPANY: Wilda Spårning     I     LOCATION: Luleå    I     Application Deadline: Dec. 10, 2017

The current way of coordinating firefighting creates many dangerous distractions. With our system, we provide a safer and more efficient working environment.

Who are we?

WILDA Spårning was founded in 2017 as a way of commercialising the benefits of our long distance communication technology. Since its start a first version has been developed and is currently being tested. WILDA Spårning is also one of the ESA BIC Sweden projects which cover a main part of the product development costs. Today we have cooperation agreements with several fire stations in Sweden and aim to introduce the product on the market at the end of the year.

What’s special?

The core of our business is our long distance communication technology which enables us to provide reliable communication in non-urban environments. With the help of this technology we will develop a tool for safer and more efficient fire fighting during large scale operations.

Our vision is to become a world leader in long distance communication technology in non-urban environments.

So, what's the deal?

Today we are a small but energetic team of 2 people who are working hard together. At this interesting stage, we are expanding the company and are therefore looking for a person who can develop & maintain the code for our embedded systems.


    Is this you? We would love to take a coffee with you!

    Please contact: Leila.ashrafi@abi.se

    Skills & Requirements

    Today we are using the C programming language on our embedded systems to implement the first version of our solution.

    So we are looking for a structured & innovative programmer to continue the development of the system. It is also appreciated if you have previous team leading experience and are able to organise the future programmers added to the programming team. So you are most likely: 

    • Experienced with the C programming
    • Experienced in the standard communication protocols (I2C, UART, SPI)
    • Experienced in programming of embedded systems
    • Experienced or interested in radio communication and multiplexing techniques.

    About the company

    WILDA Spårning was founded 2017 and is rapidly expanding. Being accepted as one of the ESA BIC Sweden projects the company aims to become a world leader in long stance communication technology in non-urban environments. 


    DeveloperLeila Ashrafi