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COMPANY: eMaintenance365    I     LOCATION: Luleå    I     Application Deadline: March. 30, 2018

We help our customer to look into the future!

Who are we?

eMaintenance365 offers data analytics solutions for decision support and business intelligence in operation and maintenance, which create benefit and profit in our customers' business processes!

We utilise edge technologies and modelling tools to acquire, transfer, integrate, model, analyse, and visualise Big Data.

Today we have active in international market focused in Europe and Australia.

What’s special?

Our service is based on the measurement and maintenance data already available to our customers. No investments required for new measuring stations or different kinds of sensors. 

Through advanced analysis of measurement data, we help industry to look into the future. What will happen to components, systems and processes - when and how should maintenance work be done to ensure production and delivery. 

We enable sustainable operation and maintenance in industry, through provision of advanced analytics services for decision support. Our vision is to empower Smart Industry to see into the future.

What have we accomplished?

Currently we have a complete solution which has been customised in railway industry. This solution has been implemented at customers’. Our service is consisted of different stages; data generation, data acquisition, data integration, data processing, analysis and visualization which you can make decision based on those to get expected results.

You get: 

  • Being part of innovative start-up team with years of experience and knowledge, 
  • Great opportunity to develop and work with cutting-edge technology, 

Be in an environment where you are involved in the whole chain of value creation and delivery. 

Does this description fit you? We would love to have a coffee with you!

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What's the challenge?

During 2018, we would like to expand our market in Mining industry where we need to understand customers’ need and get a deep insight of their developments’ plan and strategies to provide our best customised offer. To achieve this;

  • You will work with complex series of measurement data, and you will use our proprietary work tools for analyses, including predictions of lifetimes for different parts of the rail system. 
  • You will attend customer visits, conferences, seminars, etc., and you will work in development projects with our customers. 
  • You will also possibly join our development team where we expand our solution to future markets. 

We are a start-up company meaning that we have constant changes in every aspect and people need to create value. There will be responsibilities for you that no one else has and you will have the support of the whole team.

Skills & Requirements

You are most likely familiar and experienced in;


  • SQL 
  • C# 
  • Html/CSS 
  • JavaScript   

Being familiar with

  • Git 
  • Visual Studio 
  • Azure 
  • Matlab is a plus.

About the company:

eMaintenance365 is an innovative academic spin-off company from the research conducted at Luleå university of Technology in close collaboration with the industry. The company was founded in November 2013, as direct result from more than 10 years of research in the fields of eMaintenance, operation and maintenance engineering, and control systems.

Our owners/steering board consists of individuals with extensive knowledge and experiences from academia and industry. The combination of academic and industrial understanding give us the necessary tools to innovations, which adds value for customers and their customers.

Our service E365 Analytics® is something new on the market never seen before. We want to meet you to demonstrate the full power of our service.

1. The customer defines their needs for maintenance decision suppor

2. Based on customer needs, E365 demonstrates the principles of their service and the benefits it can brin

3. Initiate a project with fixed price during 3-6 months were E365 and customer works together to validate what expected needs can be achieved in business toda

4. Customer subscribes to the service with a monthly fee .

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