System development with focus on MMI & Database

COMPANY: Exeri AB    I     LOCATION: Luleå    I     Application Deadline: Mar. 30, 2018

Who are we?

With a long experience of Management and Command & Control systems, both within Telecom and the Defence industry, we have supplied operators with decision support tools and to gain situation awareness. 

We analyse and design high complexity systems, from simple sensors through information collection and handling, to advanced presentation and management systems. We provide a complete end-to-end solution with usability and cost efficiency in focus.

What’s special?

The frustration of power outages is well known. Industry & commerce, indeed the whole society grind to a halt. The average power outage last for about 6,5 hours of which 3,5 hours is just detecting and locating the fault. Power companies around the world struggle to solve this and to find tools to manage the grid and know the status of the network. For example, in Sweden with one of the most stable power grids; there are more than 40000 outages/year costing more than 100 M€. There is no built-in intelligence as in the internet.

Our product, Smart Grid Surveillance, performs the digital transformation and makes the grid smart. It provides a complete view of the current network status. Faults are instantly detected, classified & located.

Our vision is that our product is implemented worldwide, making the life easier for power companies and their customers!

What have we achieved?

Over the past year, we have been working a lot on developing our prototype system to our first customer. It is now tested and analysed. We have also financed our current growth with investors giving us a solid foundation for future expansion.

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      What's the challenge?

      We have a working solution that we have tested with corporate customers. At this interesting time, we are delivering our first solution to the customer. That’s where you come in.

      You will work as a system developer in a team that develops a new product including both hardware and software. Being able to work with implementation both independently and in a team in a structured way is vital. You will also work with specifications, designs as well as tests.

      What the final product will look like MMI-wise is not determined in detail yet, hence you will get to develop this step by step, having the result evaluated and measured all the way.

      You will have experience working with agile methodology in a structured way, i.e. where specifications and documentation are a natural part that you can drive forward.

      The environment you will be working in is Linux/Unix on the server side, and on the client side different versions of web browsers. Experience in managing multiple browsers on the client-side is a plus.

      So you are most likely have experience in;

      • Web programming
      • GUI / MMI development in the form of presentation of dynamic icons on map image consisting of several static and dynamic map layers
      • Map engines/GIS applications
      • SQL databases
      • Creating an API against an SQL database for easy but flexible database data management
      • Loading (import) complex structured information into SQL database
      • Understanding of simplicity and logical flow in advanced user interfaces
      • Having experience in mobile applications is a plus
      • Having experience in SCADA and OPC is a plus


      About the company:

      eXeri AB was founded in 2009 by three experienced engineers that works with more than technology. We strive to see large systems both as a single entity and as all the subsystems that form it. This gives us an eagles-eye perspective of what all the system parts really contribute with, but also what problems may arise due to their role, interfaces and implementation. As we want to see the system from a total life cycle perspective, we do not only see the best way of developing systems but also how they shall be operated and maintained.

      We are now turning from being a successful consultancy company to a product company, where we currently are forming our team that will help us use our knowledge and experience for future success. 

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      DeveloperLeila Ashrafi