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COMPANY: Gemometrics AB    I     LOCATION: Luleå    I     Application Deadline: April 01, 2018

Who are we?

With the help from Gemometrics upcoming products, buyers along the entire value chain of the gemstone industry will be confident regarding the nature and quality of gemstones they are testing. We develop technical tools that revolutionizes the gemstone market's way of pricing gemstones. Our technology is not only applicable in the gemstone industry, but in the mining industry as well.  

What’s special?

Today, mining sites use CAD programs to map out the geotechnical structures of mining sites, but the actual surveyed points used to create these models are usually collected by personnel being dangerously close to where they collect the data. In other words, they are at great risk when collecting the information. On top of that, to collect the necessary information personnel need to bring a positioning system to register their position along with a laser to survey points. Our tool will help the user to do all those things while at the same time being at a safe distance from potential danger.

What have we achieved?

During 2017 we made a functional prototype  Which is ready to test. 

Skills & Requirements

We are looking for someone that are driven to work independently in a changing environment. You will get support of the whole team during the whole process to provide feedback on your work along the way and provide guidelines on how we can move forward in the project. You are most likely;

  • A person with communication skills who can build on-going relationships with our potential customers.
  • You are comfortable talking to people from all around the world, so having good writing & speaking English is needed.
  • Have education in business and marketing.

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What's the challenge?

Our goal, by the beginning of May 2018, is to validate in what way we should commercialise this technology.

To do so, we need to understand our potential market even better to provide them with solutions that are in line with their needs. This is where you come in, we are looking for you who are passionate and curious to conduct market research in the mining industry – With the focus of validating our technology and what our next steps should be. The expected result is a report/booklet of your findings along with your thoughts on the future. 

We are a small but passionate team who are working hard on product & market development. Your responsibilities in this project is to:

  • Conduct validation calls to potential customers.
  • Collect secondary data
  • Structure these data into valuable insights and recommendations for us to take forward.

    About the company

    Torbjörn Lindwall is the founder of TLight, a geologist and gemologist with over 20 years of experience within the industry. As an accredited gemmologist, Torbjörn often found himself declining purchases of gemstones due to uncertainty when conducting business. This background pushed Torbjörn to explore alternative solutions to create a healthier gemstone trade.

    Today, at Gemometrics a working solution exists that are soon to be commercialized.


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