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COMPANY: Memorizon     I     LOCATION: Luleå    I     Application Deadline: Nov, 30, 2017

Who are we?

Memorizon AB is a startup company offering a sensor-based monitoring service of dementia symptoms. The initial market aims are for public and private elderly care providers in Sweden and the Nordic countries.

What’s special?

Imagine having a dedicated nurse whose only job is to try to find proper care for aperson you love who is suffering from dementia. We try to do just that, but with the use of computers and sensors.

Memorizon service uses a sensor bracelet (developed by the company) that detects  stress, physical movement intensity and sleep disturbances for persons with dementia. The data from the bracelet is analyzed and the results are shown in a web service. By showingwhen dementia symptoms and problems occur, we can help staff in nursing homes to plan for better interventions. which results in: reduction of incidents, stress for staff & relatives, possibility to share experience between nurses and improve quality of dementia care.      

We also believe that Memorizon can be used in order to help persons with earlier stages of dementia to remain living in their own home. This will significantly lower cost for the municipality, while reducing the current shortage of nursing home capacity in Sweden.

What is the deal?

We are a small but passionate team of 4 people who are working hard on product & market development. At this interesting time with you in our team in Sales & Marketing, your manin responsibilities will be

  • Develop our sales process and strategies for business growth
  • Coordinate and establish relationships with potential public and private customers.
  • Maintain relationships with the first reference customers.
  • Collect further feedback on the organisational requirements for Sensorizon to be successfully used.

We are a start-up company meaning that we have constant changes in every aspect and people need to create value. There will be responsibilities for you that no one else has and you will have the support of the whole team.

      Is this you? We would love to take a coffee with you!

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      You are most likely:

      • Experienced in complicated sales processes, in particular Business-to-Business sales process
      • A solution seller that can convey confidence
      • Having experience working in or selling to elderly care is a plus

      You get:

      • Being a part of an innovative start-up improving dementia care
      • Support & mentoring
      • Compensation: We will negotiate compensation on an individual level based on your performance.

      About the company

      Founded in 2014 for creating services supporting the care of people with dementia. The products are the results from several research projects at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden.

      Among the team members, some have a strong background from several start-ups, and one has wide experience from managing international research and innovation. The team has generally strong technical development expertise and some international sales experience. Among the founders, 3 of 6 have a PhD degree.

      The Sensorizon service stems from a significant European research project 2011-2015, where feedback from a pilot with 42 persons was dominantly positive. This prompted us to establish the company and ensure transfer of the commercial rights from the university and the researchers.

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      DeveloperLeila Ashrafi