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COMPANY: RefundFlight     I     LOCATION: Luleå    I     Application Deadline: Mar, 30, 2018

RefundFlight helps airline passengers obtain legal compensation when they suffer from delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights.

Who are we?

It can also be difficult to know how to act in a case when the airline rejects a claim due to extraordinary circumstances and what the law and legislations states in such cases. For this reason, we have created a service to help you claim your compensation when you cannot, do not have time, or do not have the knowledge to succeed.

What’s special?

Have you experienced a flight delay? You might be entitled to 600€ per person in compensation. Refundflight handles these type of complaints using a process that is fast, easy and secure.

Claiming compensation is often a long, tough and difficult process. Laws must be read; the cause has to be analysed and airlines can be challenging to communicate with.

That is why RefundFlight exists. We simply relieve you of this problem and solve it for you. We investigate your rights and enforce it with the airline. If you should be awarded compensation, we charge a 25% commission. If not, our work is free. 

What is the deal?

We are a team of 4 people who are working on product & market development and a Legal advisor to help us pursuing our complicated cases to the court.

Today, we are looking for a legal assistant who can help us increase the quality of our service through our case handling process.

Within 30 days we will update our process to a smarter, and simpler one to become even faster for our customers with higher capacity to handle more cases at the same time. By combining digital and jurisdictive expertise, we want to be able offer our legal assistance to anyone. And now we need to scale up our operations and develop further.  so what you will be doing;

  • Prepare each submitted case to send in,
  • Communicate with both customers & Airline companies.

      Skills & Requirements

      As a start-up company we are looking for someone with flexibility who can keep up with constant changes in every case. There will be responsibilities for you that no one else has and you will have the support of the whole team. So you are most likely;

      • Interested in European law with good understanding of the law
      • You are comfortable talking to people from all around the world. So having good English writing & speaking is needed.
      • Any other languages such as German or French is a plus!

      Time: Part-time 10-16 hours / week

      Compensation: We will negotiate compensation on an individual level based on your performance.

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