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COMPANY: Sustainalube     I     LOCATION: Luleå    I     Application Deadline: Ongoing Process till Dec.15,2017

Who are we?

Sustainalube was founded in 2015, offering environmentally friendly lubricants based on a new raw material. We produce, develop, market and sell our products on our domestic market, with ambition on entering the global market shortly.

What’s special?

Currently, the base oil of most available lubricants are composed of either mineral-based oils or bio oils. Our products differ as they are made from a new type of base material and completely oil-free. Thanks to our research discoveries and patented technology, our products are water soluble, non-toxic, biodegradable. Through our research and development, we offer products that help users transition the use of fossil-fuel based lubricants towards sustainable and oil-free alternatives.

What is the deal?

We are a small and passionate team of 5 people who work with product & market development. We are looking for sales representatives to help us strengthen the sales organization and double our user base within six months.

We can offer a flexible part time employment during office hours, to fit your current schedule. And ideally, you are able to plan ahead for two weeks at a time. What you will be doing;

  • placing outbound calls to prospects and the sales cycle position consists of prospecting and closing new accounts,
  • generate and follow up leads,
  • gather and document data during your conversations with customers.

 Is this you? We would love to take a coffee with you!

Please contact: Anton.flygare@sustainalube.com  Tel: 070-774 43 22

You are most likely:

We are looking for someone with developed communication skills who can create and build long term relationships with our customers. So you are most likely;

  • comfortable selling over the telephone,
  • fluent in swedish,
  • If you speak any additional nordic language such as Finnish, Danish or Norwegian, it is a plus,
  • previous experience from sales is a merit,
  • outgoing, self-motivated and able to communicate in a positive, enthusiastic manner,
  • If you have experience from forestry, heavy machinery or agriculture, it is seen as a merit also.

You get to:

  • be part of the early stages of a company with truly innovative products.
  • get experience from B2B sales and market validation
  • get the opportunity to challenge current market views on environmentally friendly lubricants with the backing of world class research.
  • Compensation: We will negotiate compensation on an individual level based on your performance.

About the company

Sustainalube is a company which is developing new innovative lubricants, with focus on exceeding current environmental standards without compromising on neither price nor performance. At present, the company is selling directly to to the forestry and construction industry, and welcomes customers from all over the world. 

Sustainalube is a spin-off company from Luleå University of Technology and was founded in 2015. After four years of technological development the company has a patented technology for a new type of environmentally friendly oil-free lubricant. Several forest harvesting companies in Sweden have been using our products and getting great results, indicating that the benefits of this lubricant also could be interesting for other industries, such as the mining industry.

Today, Sustainalube has many satisfied customers whom are using both chain oil for sawchains as well as grease for forest machines and construction machines. The company has also won several innovation competitions thanks to their revolutionary and oil-free technology. 

See more at www.sustainalube.com

DeveloperLeila Ashrafi