Money talks


Our business advisors will help you identify and attract customers and investors, so that you get the opportunity to create the financial conditions necessary to operate and grow your business. Attract investment from our businessangel company (Arctic Ventures)



From start to finish.

Day one we get started with finding your customers and partners. We love what we do and work hard to support you and help you reach out out, and negotiate and do business.

We have a lot of experience making different kinds of deals and we have access to a vast network of partners, which means you will be able to quickly manage international and large projects and deals, and get the funding you need.

Angel investors

Give or get support.

We know several individuals that like to work with early business ideas. Often, they do so by investing both their time (and their skills) as well as their own money as a so-called angel investor. We have an updated network of contacts for this purpose, and can put you in touch with them and help you find ways to work together.


Are you interested in investing in any of our startups to help them grow? Please contact us so we can meet and get to know you, understand what you need and put you in touch with the right company and team. See this as an exciting complement to your other investments. Contact Us!


Investors and Venture capital

Both nationally and internationally.

There are several companies that invest in other companies; we have the right routes to all of these, both locally and nationally, as well as several international investors. With us you will find the right one, and we will help you prepare and present yourself, and support you all the way through the negotiation once you get there.


If you are an investor we would love to meet with you and present our startups. We want to know in what phase you are looking to invest, and which industries interest you. All for the purpose of creating great deals and business conditions for you and for our startups.

Other funding

Get help finding your way through the money-jungle.

There are many different forms of 'soft money’: monetary contributions, possibilities for aid within certain industries, and of course loans, credit and the like.

We have experience with all of these and work daily to secure funding from various banks, government agencies and elsewhere for our startups. We guarantee that we can help you find your way a lot faster than you would on your own.


Angel investor or Venture capitalist?