What if the next extraordinary idea is yours?

Do you need help in deciding whether you should start a company or not? Are you prepared to be challenged, get help to refine your business idea and build your team?
Then the Arctic Business Accelerator is the right place for you.

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In the accelerator, you will spend a few months developing your business, meeting with prospective customers and partners while exploring and planning your funding options.

Arctic Business Accelerator

The Arctic Business Accelerator is targeted towards you who are aiming to develop your idea from northern Sweden. To join the program, we would like to have a short meeting with you.
We are curious to know more about you and your idea!

When you prepare for this first meeting you can use the NABC++ model:


What problem or need are you attempting to solve?


How do you intend to solve this and make money?


What are the benefits of your offering vs. competition?


Who are the competitors (not buying is always one)?


Who are you in the team and what is your drive and vision?

Develop your business idea

With training, workshops and your own hard work, we will help to improve your business idea. The accelerator is based on the Lean Startup methodology and focuses on helping you make well-founded decisions to take the next step with your idea.

In our accelerator you will get great insights in how to develop your business plan and if all goes well, it is an excellent entrypoint to our incubator. The environment is highly innovative in our incubator, where you can meet other creatives and committed people who are on the same journey as you.

How do we start?

We start with a meeting between you and our business advisor. We will talk about your needs and what we can offer you and your team. If it is a match, we offer you a membership in our accelerator.

Between scheduled events, you are expected to do independent training and work. You will also receive individual coaching from our experienced business advisors. We have open admission so you can start at any time.

Work in your own pace, remotely or in our offices with great equipment. You will also be invited to many special events – available only for you.

Content and process

The Arctic Business Accelerator is digital and available through our online training platform. The material is mainly in English. To begin with, the program will be a mix between scheduled and nonscheduled training and events.

The startup

What is a start-up and how does it differ from a typical Small and Mid-sized Enterprise? Learn more about that with inspiration on what it takes to succeed.

Out of office

Learn what it takes to get to know your customers through interviews and observations of real-life behaviour in order to verify your problem-solution fit.

Your market

No one is alone in their market. Once learning your fit in the market it is important to understand how to stand out in the competition.


Supporting ecological, economical and social sustainability is not only our duty as entrepreneurs, but a business opportunity if done respectfully.


Make intellectual property rights an important artifacts in your startup, without coming at the expense of sales and business development.


Learn about different ways to attact funding for your startup and your team, including the pros and cons of all the alternatives.

Customer development

The customer development process gives you the tools to validate if your product or service meets customer needs, and to acquire and satisfy customers.

Get your team right

Building a start-up takes efforts and expertise in many areas. Building the right team to both complement and challenge you is essential to success.

Pitch your idea

Present your company, offering and vision in a cost- and time-effective way to attract the interest of potential customers, investors and employees.

Get started.

Tell us about your idea, business or interest in joining a startup or influential board. Invest in yourself, your company or project and let’s make it extraordinary.

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