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ESA BIC Sweden

Space Incubator ESA BIC Sweden is a national effort on behalf of ESA, the European Space Agency. It is funded and supported by the ESA Space Agency and Vinnova.
ESA BIC Sweden is led by Arctic Business Incubator in Luleå, and carried out in collaboration with the Uppsala Innovation Centre and Innovatum in Trollhättan.

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North Sweden Cleantech

North Sweden Cleantech aims to develop new and growing companies, more commercially viable products and services with environmental relevance. The major focus is to attract an international market for increasing exports of environmental services or products.

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EIT Raw Materials

EIT RawMaterials is an innovation initiative in the mining and minerals sector and consists of 120 partners from 22 European countries. The mission is to strengthen the European commodities industry by building networks and strengthen relations between actors in business, research and higher education. Part of the initiative is to finance start-ups and major innovation projects.

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GO Business

Helps entrepreneurs in the service sector with the support and help needed to realize their ideas, from their first steps as an entrepreneur to achieve their goals and visions. Piteå Science Park is the founder of Go Business Incubator and is responsible for the developement of the business. LTU Business runs the project Go Business, Arctic Business Incubator's collaboration partners.

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RIT Rymd för innovation och tillväxt

RIT is an initiative that Luleå Technical University with partners started to createregional growth by strengthening the space industry's ability to collaborate in research and innovation projects where even small and medium-sized enterprises is seen as an important resource.



Skellefteå  Startup Accelerator

Skellefteå Startup Accelerator

Skellefteå Startup Accelerator is powered by ABI and is a practical oriented program for new entrepreneurs. The program consists of a series of workshops with the opportunity to work with your idea at The Great Northern (creative business park). Skellefteå Startup Accelerator is part of the EU project Smart Growth led by Skellefteå Municipality.

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Arctic Mirror

Arctic Mirror aim to promote the north of Sweden with the mission of strengthening regional development in Norrbotten. The project we do in partnership with the County Council and the County Council.

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Arctic Game Lab

Arctic Game Lab is an organization focusing on strengthening the gaming industry in northern Västerbotten and Norrbotten (Skellefteå, Piteå, Boden, Luleå). ABI works with them on business development and helps to create new companies around gaming ideas here. Arctic Game Lab also leads the Innovation Game project.

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Qvarken Game Industry

The aim of the Qvarken Game Industry project is to strengthen and speed up the start-up phase and the internationalization of companies in the game industry. The project implements tools and processes for game industry innovation systems in Ostrobothnia and Westrobothnia, increasing game companies' expertise in business development and internationalization of the global gaming market.

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